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Eternal Journey

Life Journey Inc  MP900442762[1]  Yoga in the Grove

(210) 459-0276


Services/Group Yoga Classes

Tuesdays      5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Saturdays     10:00 am – 11:30 am


Mission Statement of Beliefs and Practices

We as individuals raised as Christians, Yogis, Buddhist, and all other religions, practices, and cultures of the world have joined together corresponding to the non denominational Universal Life Church as Eternal Journey and also dba  Life Journey & Yoga in the Grove”.  We  know the creator created diversity. Thus, it should not only be tolerated, but embraced with love and patience.  We focus on bringing the health and well being of each member’s body, mind, and spirit to its fullest potential thus promoting spirituality, peace, health, and balance in our community and our world.

We aim to achieve this thru devotion, study, research, outreach, and practice of Yogic Practices, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, Ayurvedic Medicine, herbology/botanicals, chanting, singing, art, meditation,  Buddhist Meditation,  Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Reiki, Shamanic Meditation and Drumming, Centeredness, Devotion, Bio Feedback, and camaraderie etc..  This will be achieved on a personal level thru our own daily practices, by joining together a few times a week for group practices and services, the breaking of bread and savoring the fruit of life with our brother and sisters after each service and practice, and through our Outreach and Research Programs. 

The Outreach and Research Programs will endeavor to promote healing, peace, appreciation of diversity, and spirituality thru out our community by obtaining grants and fundraising, teachers, and volunteers to share our practices and therapies while statistically documenting the results and benefits in a manner which will lend itself to easy reproduction of results for various challenged sectors of the community.  The sectors especially targeted (but not limited to) include the ill and disadvantaged: especially Veterans, Disadvantaged Youth, Seniors, Abused Women and Children from the Shelters; as well as  Physical and Mental Health issues such as Cancer, Obesity, Heart Disease, Liver Disorders, chronic pain issues, Pure Autonomic Failure (Familial Autonomic Dis-regulative Syndrome), Seizures, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Aging Illnesses,  Blindness, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, other Serious Mental Illnesses, and other disadvantaged sectors in our community for the betterment of all.   Often, research participants will have documented several of the above indicators so we reach and serve as broad a portion of the Community as Possible.

The services will be held and rendered at Eternal Journey Inc., which is located on a three acre pecan orchard between the Mission San Jose and the San Antonio River and out in the community itself; as best suits the needs of our community, members, and congregation.




Meet the Eternal Journey Team!

Teachers, Officers, and Directors

Present and Past Histories:


Leslie Renee’ Richardson President and Founder of Life Choice Inc. and Yoga in the Grove, BS Sociology unofficial minors in Health and Business, MPA, YM, RYT500, Dr. of Divinity, Minister of Body Mind and Spirit, Yoga Therapist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Herbologist,  Ayurvedic Medicine, Personal Trainer, and Group Instructor, Health Educator, Reiki I & II, College Professor, Non Profit Director of Admissions S. W. College of Naturopathic Medicine, and Human Resources and Contracts Director, Program Supervisor, Monitor, Strategic Planner, Grant Writer, Researcher, Senior  Program Specialist and Silver Sneaker Program Coordinator, and Stock Broker


Coriene Hannapel  BA Psychology, MS Biology Vice President, College Professor, Nutritionist, Medical Writer, Scientist, Shamanic Meditation and Drumming Teacher, and Yogi, Reiki I and II          


Jessica Rose BA in English, Board of Directors and Proxy to President and Vice President,  Trainer and Case Mgr for Light House for the Blind and the State, Yogi, Yoga Teacher Trainee, Reiki I,  and Artist


Sandra Rowe BS Home Economics, MA Adult Education, Secretary, Teacher of Disadvantaged Youth and Adults, Scientist: Genetics, Bio Chemistry, Organic Chemistry


Tony Vela Assoc in Science & 2nd Assoc in Liberal Arts, and BS in progress,  Proxy to Secretary, Yogi, Yoga Teacher Trainee, Reiki I,


Sara Sue Andrews Master R.N. Psychology, Teacher Trainer for RNs, Reiki I & II, Yogi, and Yoga Teacher Trainee


Aida Guevara Bachelors of Business Administration, Retired COSA Project Management Specialist, Grant Writer, Monitor, and Administrator, 


Alsada D Richardson Board of Directors, Artist, Yogi, Reiki I,   and Owner of the Pecan Orchard in which Life Journey Inc., is Housed


Jack A Richardson Board of Directors, BS in Animal Husbandry, Musician, Singer, and Owner of the Pecan Orchard in which Life Journey Inc., is Housed, Zen Tennis


Joseph Rose Teacher, BS Chemical Engineering,  Dept of Defense Computer and Security Expert/Guru, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Community Leader Drumming Circles, Veteran







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